Our vision is to be recognized by fans, players, and the ball hockey community as one the premier members of the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation by providing a professional, positive environment which consistently produces championship caliber teams and to perpetuate and advance throughout World, the recognition of our Country as a pre-eminent ball hockey culture.



The objectives of the Hellenic Ball Hockey Association (HBHA) are to promote, govern and improve the sport of ball hockey and help individuals develop as athletes, leaders, and members of the Greek community through a competitive ball hockey program that emphasizes on excellence, commitment, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our goal is to represent our Country and Heritage with honor and pride while giving every participant, whether it is a coach or player, the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game of ball hockey and still experience the enjoyment that the game provides.


The membership, at large, has a responsibility to:


  • Promote among all Greeks who they come in contact with the HBHA and the game itself


  • The association’s general spirit and high regard for both ball hockey and HBHA in particular


  • To maintain and increase the interest in the game of ball hockey


  • To help promote ball hockey to Greeks world wide in hopes to have the best teams compete for our national honor



By embracing the following values we can fulfill both our mission and vision. We acknowledge that all are interdependent and of equal importance and that we must strive to strike a balance between them, always keeping in mind that we are, first and foremost, an amateur ball hockey association representing the highest level of ball hockey played by our Country.



By continuously developing trust between each other and all our members and by demonstrating respect for the uniqueness of each individual, we strive to build a confident, creative and disciplined team possessing a high degree of initiative.



We shall act with fairness and integrity in everything that we do. In addition, we do not accept halfhearted efforts, but rather insist upon personal responsibility, accountability, and a commitment to excel from each of our members.



There is nothing we can do as individuals that we cannot do better as a team. Subsequently, we are dedicated to a singleness of purpose and insist upon open communication and mutual support for one another in everything we do. We further acknowledge the mutual importance of both, our on and off rink teams, and that the extent to which we work together and appreciate our respective contributions will ultimately determine our level of success.



We will never accept the status quo and firmly believe that sustained success will result from our collective ability to continually strive to improve each and every aspect of what we do and who we are.