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HBHA 2023 Team committee

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The Hellenic Ball Hockey Association has made some changes to its committee which now consists of 7 individuals.

  • President and CO-GM : John Kontitsis
  • Vice President : George Vouloumanos
  • CO-GM : John Fidrillis
  • CO- GM: Nick Tsatsaronis
  • Tasso Bozinakis
  • George Kosmas
  • Pat Lapointe


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The Hellenic Ball Hockey Association is pleased to announce that Mr Paul Barbas will be the head coach for the Greek team that will participate in the upcoming 35+ masters championships. The tournament will take place this August 28th – Sept 2nd in Buffalo New York. The age group is for player 35 years old and over. Mr George Vouloumanos has also been added as an assistant coach. The team will be selected and announced shortly after a series of camps/ exhibition games Thank you